Maintenance Requests

When it needs to be fixed, we’re on the job

If this is an AFTER-HOURS MAINTENANCE EMERGENCY (i.e. your heat is out; or there is uncontrollable flooding), please call 734-369-8239 ext 6. All other emergencies (fire, medical, etc) please call 911. Non emergency requests will be routed to the form below.

We know you have more important things to do than maintenance around your home. Simply fill out the form below and let us know what you need fixed. Our trained maintenance crew will make sure that your problem is repaired quickly and correctly.

Per our lease, tenants are expected to handle the following maintenance items on their own. Should a request be submitted for either of the following items, such services may result in a nominal charge to tenants:

-Changing light bulbs or furnace filters

-Plunging toilet or sink clogs from regular usage

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